Classic Online Training with Kit

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Time: Anytime

Our classic course will cover everything needed to understand classic lashes.  Classic lashes are applied to the natural lash by applying 1 extension to 1 natural lash.

  • Course Length- Online 1-2 week/s theory and practical exam.
  • Course Hours- More details in Course Outline
  • Models Needed- Yes
  • Kit Included- Yes

Course Outline

Order your Kit and Manual, Once you received your kit and manual you’ll have 3 days to study your manual. We will book a 2 hour Microsoft Teams / Skype one to one session and we will start practical training, we will cover all theory and principals of becoming a good lash artist. You will practice and send whats up videos of your progress, ones the one step is completed you will receive your next practice video via whats app. The minimum time it took a student to complete this course was 3 days maximum time allowed is 2 weeks.

Course Content

  • Product Knowledge
  • Set-Up & Sanitation
  • Eye Anatomy
  • Lash Health
  • Eyelash Grown Cycle
  • How Synthetic Lashes are Made
  • Eye Shape & Mapping
  • Isolation
  • Application Techniques
  • Basic & Advanced Taping Methods
  • Client Consultation
  • Consent Forms
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Tips
  • Building a Business
  • How to do a Fill
  • How to do a Removal
  • Common Infections
  • Adhesive Knowledge
  • Types of Lashes
  • Troubleshooting/Retention

After you purchase this course, we will sent you your kit and manual. You will have 3 days to study your manual before we will have our first face to face class.

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