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We have trained iLash Artists throughout South Africa, we are super proud of each one of our iLash Tribe Family. If you are a client and you want your having your lashes done please feel free to contact Marizanne Barnard she will get you to the closest tribe member her number is 0824929500 or you can send her a e-mail at

Some inspiration to visit a iLash Salon!

Benefits of iLash Extensions
Clients are always amazed at how eyelash extensions beautifully frame the eyes without any mascara as well as how it naturally boosts their confidence. Whether you are a student with a busy social life, a mum with a million things to do, or a business woman with no personal time, these are the types of clients who keep coming back for infills because eyelash extensions are more than a beauty treatment.

With eyelashes being so on trend at the moment, failing to enhance them means you’re missing out on a ‘must have’ in your beauty routine. Fabulous natural and glamorous lashes are still the newest trend – AND here to stay. Eyelash Extensions should feel natural and weightless, be water resistant and the lash artist should look after the health of your natural lashes.

If you’ve tried semi-permanent eyelash extensions before and thought they:
-didn’t last
-damaged your natural lashes
-irritated your eyes or you had a bad reaction
-or thought they were too expensive to maintain.

This could simply mean the technician was not at a professional skill level to give you what you want. Lash extensions not bonded correctly will fall out quickly and having too much glue near your eyes can cause eye irritation and serious temporary damage to your natural lashes.

Less than professional results will mean making more frequent appointments to keep your eyelash look full, which can become expensive. Finding the right technician will mean more weeks between your in-fill appointments, your natural lashes are kept in good health and will be easier on your budget, making it more cost effective and less hassle putting on mascara on!

Lash technician skills can result in being bitterly disappointed to exceeding your expectations because this treatment is as much an art form as it is a technical skill because it takes time to perfect and experience to bring out the creative flair.

So, if you are wondering why some salons services are more expensive?
We think the better question would be, “do you want to spend less money on a treatment that may not give you all the benefits and then spend more money on either correcting it, in-filling it too soon or, in worse case scenarios, removing them and having a new set put on?” It really is a false economy to have a cheaper treatment, but the choice is yours!
We believe in training and further training and everyone at iLash is fully qualified and experienced. At iLash, your first set will be the right set, your treatment will be lash by lash and not clumped together, allowing each lash the freedom to complete its cycle without damage. And because we are experts, we can complete this treatment in a much shorter time than the average technician.

What are the benefits of iLash eyelash extensions?
-Superior results giving a luxurious relaxing treatment, that lasts
-Time-saving – in both daily beauty maintenance and appointments
-Feels natural and weightless and protects your natural eyelashes
-Extensions are water-resistant
-Relaxing and comfortable procedure
-Tested and proven products

Individual Eyelash Extensions are perfect for thin natural lashes that need volume and fullness, shorter natural lashes that need length and straight natural lashes that require a curl to lift and frame your face.

Your lashes demand attention, to book your appointment! +27 824 929 500.

Experience the real benefits of this must-have beauty treatment:
-Enhance and lift the eyes to give eyelashes a full-bodied, natural effect.
-Extra length in your eyelashes that frame your eyes naturally and beautifully.
-Provide a natural looking fullness and length to natural lashes.

The more extensions applied the more density you get, the more length and density you get the more dramatic they look! All our iLash Artists will do a consultation with you before your treatment to assure that you walk out of the salon with your desired look! Once again one size does not fit all! Please follow us on Instagram and Facebook to see different lash styles and looks.