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Irritation VS Allergies and Storing your eyelash adhesive 

I can't even tell you how many questions I get daily from clients and lash artists regarding eyelash adhesive, retention, or the blame game: the client has sensitive/irritated eyes or a real allergic reaction. 

In my lifetime lashing, avoid mentioning the age 😜. I have personally seen more eye pad related allergies than eyelash adhesive.

Eyelash ADHESIVE allergies is REAL! I once had the privilege of lashing a client for years and one day out of the random blue while I was lashing her eyelids started swelling up! Sadly she stopped for a year, then she decided to try again so we decided to do it differently this time around... we used tape instead of eye pads, we lashed without speaking (talking and movement of the tape /  eye pads and the eyes opening can cause irritation, we can easily put the blame on an adhesive allergy). NOTHING worked... She IS allergic to the ADHESIVE... I hear you say, duh! Try a different adhesive... Sorry, my dear to share the news BUT... 

The MAIN bonding ingredient in ALL eyelash adhesive is °Cyanoacrylate°!

A Cyanoacrylate-Free Adhesive doesn’t exist, cyanoacrylate is the ingredient in the adhesive that makes the extensions stick to the natural lashes.

Even sensitive eyelash adhesives have a little cyanoacrylate in it. That is why the eyelash extensions don’t last.

Also, cyanoacrylate is the ingredient in the eyelash adhesive what most people are allergic to. 

So, if sensitive glue don't work for them, SADLY they probably aren’t the best candidate for lash EXTENSIONS. 😥

Understanding your ADHESIVE...

Refrigerate or NOT TO Refrigerate your ADHESIVE... 

When kept unopened in a cool, dry location such as a refrigerator at a temperature of about 7-13 °C, the shelf life of adhesive will be extended from about 9 months from manufacture to at least 15 months. Secondly if the the adhesive is to be used within six months, it is not necessary to refrigerate it.

Eyelash Adhesives are moisture-sensitive and moving from a cool to a hot location will create condensation; after removing from the refrigerator, it is best to let the adhesive reach room temperature before opening. After opening, it should be used within 4 weeks. Open containers should not be refrigerated. 

Rechilling an opened container may cause moisture from the air to condense in the container. 

As adhesives age, they polymerize, become thicker, and they cure slower, which might cause more irritation in and around your client’s eyes.

So, everything has a name right! The method to prevent your eyelash adhesives nozzle to clog up is called: Burping! Quite original I'd say! Our adhesives are sensitive and fragile, and they have a mind of their own. We care that you know how to care for your adhesive to have the best lash day, every day!

Have you ever wondered why even though your eyelash adhesives nozzle/tip is super clean after dispensing adhesive only to find that when you open your cap again to find gunk built up all around the end? This can lead to a decreased airtight seal that will shorten your adhesives life, a clogged nozzle that must be poked open, or a stuck cap!

#Step one

When you go to dispense your adhesive turn your bottle fully upside down. Holding your adhesive to the side and dispensing will cause the bottle to sip in a tiny bit of air. Air= Moisture. Moisture = Gummy adhesives that don’t last. Dispensing with your bottle completely tipped will reduce the amount of unwanted air in the bottle and any adhesive that may drip down the side. 

#Step Two

Ones you have dispensed the proper amount of adhesive, it’s time to Burp your baby! This is done by taking a small makeup sponge, or any NON cotton wipe. Holding the adhesive on the side, give a little squeeze to get the adhesive that may still be sitting in the nozzle out. Also wipe around the edges. Make sure that the entire nozzle is clean. Replace your cap ASAP. Try to avoid pushing too hard when burping, you don't want your bottle to suck air as this will also affect your adhesives longevity. 

To avoid a terrible lash day, you will have to do this EVERY TIME you dispense your eyelash adhesive. Remember to BURP it before the NAP! 

At iLash we understand what components to bring together to make a phenomenal adhesive, the ingredients, and the key factors that play a big role to differentiate between good and a phenomenal adhesive. Our team that we refer to as iLash addicts “gets it” and they dedicate their time to give our iLash tribe the best, don’t be fooled by a black, pink, purple, red, or white cap the manufacturers don’t choose the color of the cap by the strength of the adhesive. We spend years testing adhesives and we took all the “nice” things of each and we found “magic” so hold your seats ladies, “Back Pearl Ultra Bond Adhesive” was born! About the Black Pearl Ultra Bond Adhesive, it is specially formulated to give a superb performance, it is a super-fast drying adhesive, 0.5-2 seconds with the best retention available, 6-8 weeks when used correctly. The black adhesive complements our black pigmented extensions to achieve the liquid liner effect on the top lid, the thin viscosity is perfect for Classic eyelash extensions and Russian volume fans, the low viscosity ensures the base of the extensions to stay thin. Black Pearl Ultra Bond Adhesive has built a solid reputation around the world and we take pride to say that it made us famous and we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Happy lashing!
xxx Marizanne ❤️

30 Days Money Back Guarantee!

At iLash we understand what components to bring together to make a phenomenal adhesive, the ingredients, and the key factors that play a big role to differentiate between good and a phenomenal adhesive!

30 Days


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